Ignore my Title.. I kinda random nowadays. So whasup with my life?. First of all it's 2nd month of the year huh.. Cny & hari pencinta.. sadly im not gonna celebrate hari pencinta. After that i have just finish all my assignment and left 1 Hard copy to summit it. Kinda Busy also after Finish my college thingy , still need to Practice and get my ass ready up for RF 12th Anniversary Jamm at Singapore baby! Reppin FloorFlava man! To Be Honest, This is what i being thinking since January. You may think that That's nothing man.. but for Bboy Like me. IT'S AIN"T NOTHING! saying about nothing. Yea.. Celebrate Valentine with Nothing. Those History Stil History, i wish too just hit a button and POOF! History gone.. but i can't , just need to keep walking and face the future yal! Alright , gotta stop now. BTW Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese EarthLings and Valentine's Day wish all the couple couple Happy Valentine's Days those who Single or wadeva, Stay Happy and Good Luck in the Coming Relationship.. Chouz.