New Year Resolutions

Hey hey.. first of all Happy New Year to all earthlings, heres some of my resolutions:

- Grow Fatter ( not belly) overall la..
- Take Good care of my face ( i don't know why recently got so TEruk)
- Study Hard (For Sure!)
- Drink Plenty of water
- Smoke less (Try la)
- Grow Smarter ( Thx to karim for remind me)
- Cut my Hair
- Try to make any realtionship better
- Improve in Bboying
- Atleast 2 round of airtrack for this year(Try also la) XD
- Save money
- Try to get some part time job.

Wish me luck and good luck to others also , Happy new year! New come old go !


Anonymous said...

good luck ernyyyyyyyyyyyy

kill the smokes... good fer ya

Shor-T said...

Try la try la.. hehehex