Love It!

Super Nice Song~ Love it so much.. song of the week tho..

|~Imperfection is there of course~|


I want I want I want!! hope someone get it for my birthday or smething

Damn! seems very long i don't get fresh kick, Here's some of kicks that i would like to buy..

Adidas Gazelle- Maroon

Adidas Greenstar-Red

Pro-Keds-Black/Red  Damn this is Rare and the freshest! Wat cha know bout that?

Adidas Busenitz pro

Too Bad I got no cash for now.. damn! aren't they so sexy&naice?
you wont feel me if you ain't sneakers lover's. Most of human now don't appreciate their Kick's, they just wear them, broke them, throw them.  

~Imperfection is there of course~|