The upside down..

exam week - X
X'mas - Around the corner

Before exam was lik party party.. after exam duh~ bored.. no events.. Sien.. not in the right time that i want..

Jon crash in my hse.. we want to save some cash and also lazy to go out, so this is what we do,cook maggie mee and eat.actually asked him to stay with me which he agree but my sis dont let.. wasted.. but nvm la.. as long as he im COMING BACK to penang..! no more ipoh mali.. XD
Emotion running in me! argh!
there's always hidden thing to discover and i dont like it.. 2L = Tu Lan
2L = Life , Love
X'mas No plan and Gf invited me for some Reunion.. owh.. Reunion huh??..
TMI! cant really tell.. haha.. asked her wan me to go? she say duno.. dun wan me to go? Duno..
wan or dun wan me to go? Duno.. =.="
No idea what she wan.. FML!

Lastly Hope I Pass my Microeconomics and PMR was like so easy! Dont worry all those PMR result Taker!!


Shor-t Birthday Jamming

Venue : Fresh Beat Academy Dance Studio
Date : 09 dec 09
Time : 8.00pm - LATE!
Price : FREE or you can give me Gifts! XD
Dress Code : Straight up bboy!! no pigdog style aight!

3 on 3 battle
1 on 1 battle
all the Bboys&Bgirs in Penang Must come!! Inform me in my FaceBook message for register the 1 on 1 and 3 on 3 battle..
Bboy name only for 1 on 1 and Bboy name and Crew name for 3 on 3
NOTE !! : This is not a birthday party , its a bboy jam! we cyphers , we battle.. you know what i'm saying??
Special thanks to FreshBeat , FloorFlava , Mafia gangz