Today i woke up bout 4+ and wash face,brush teeth and went to do my scooter front number plate.. after that i went to Chew Bros to pay my motorcycle thing and also to get my car P license but the fellow say not yet done ask me to go back at 6.. alright then i ride go back and not even half hours the fellow cal me up said the license done already! i like WTF! just now say 6 nee SIAP! now not even half hour SIAP d.. What to do? juz go and take la..


sleep ~

I cant even sleep the whole night.. idk why.. so i decide pimp my blog.. lol.
i think it 90% al done,should just upload my scooter pictures because after of waiting 2 month only my scooter can finish paint by my friends.. damn.. some more ugly.. but consider ok already coz im tired of waiting him to spray nicely already.. 2 MONTH without transport.. suffer for 2 month ppl fetch.. but i feel ppl who fetch me more suffer.. lol

Thx to Those who fetch me to here and there..
Thiru and jon mostly..
try upload my scooter pic as fast as possible..
guess today not gonna sleep d..

Guess Wad

i register this thing long time ago.. and i just leave it with few post so i decide to clear all and start it over again.So may be i'll take this as training of Typing. XD because after my spm i stop writing/typing.I being always Reading more then writing & typing.