Bboy of the month June

it was dope workshop,dope battle between 2 brothers which is hann sen and kim.. i can see they both work so hard for it.. they probably smoke us all in png.. we dont even got a chance.. but dont worry just keep doing what cha doing.. and yea.. unlucky.. i got saman because didnt park my car in the parking lot and
i lose to Bboy Beatz.. im glad i stil got chance to smoke him next time because we got tie.. so still i got hope.. XD

here the video

heres the cypher session with gonza and png bboy.

i did capture some photo with gonza but it not with me.. hope filip can send it to me..
filip remember send to me. aik!
ok that all


Recent Battle&Performance Video

Bboy of the month (may)
Judge is Joel and zac from urban groove and international judge which is Bboy katsu

Komtar Bboy 2on2 Battle
we manage to reach 4th place only..
damn.. i wish i can smoke more ppl.. XD
smoke them next time..

Bj Dance Mania competitions we manage to get 2nd place..

Shoutout to popingJeff..
thx for upload and record the whole thing men..
keep doing what cha doin..
and lastly Enjoy


Picha 2nd round..

This is katsu with the Rounded mouth and weird eye.He seems to know many Tricks with nose,tongue and eye.

This is the old skool malaysia note,im proud that katsu gave it to me,and it worth more then RM1,thx to him

This seems obvious that he mabuk and we draw on his chest and nice nipple.. XD

theres many ppl said that we both have same face.. he's 1 of the ECX members..
and i dont know his name.. same face??
when im 30 maybe my face will looks like him..
do you believe that he's 30 years old??..
and yes he is..


about gonza workshop and judge

yo! you guys should go for the battle and workshops..
both of it just cost RM30 buck man..
just think!
the battle is not about winning and stuff like benefits
just join and dance with your soul..
my personal opinion is
you join and do the battle stuff after that u can ask gonza about your own self thing..
ask him how was ur battle and shit like that.. dont say WOW!!
the battle cost me RM15 and i rather go for the workshop only..
this makes me fark up!
Just go for the battle and workshops man..
and we not gonna earn with the workshop and battle money man..
we just need that money to pay the transport and eat and stuff like that.

think guys think!
gain experience in battle..
im not gonna force yall to join..
just up to you guys..



Bboy Gonza(Ground scatter Crew,99 Flava) Workshop and judge for june

Bboy Gonza judge for the Bboy of the month(june)
Venue:New World Park Penang
Time:8.00pm - 9.30pm
Date:25th of june 2009
Price:RM15 per person
(this month is 2on2 battle so find your partner)

Bboy Gonza Workshops
Venue:Danzity Dance house (New world park)
Time:10.00pm - 11.30pm
Date:25th of june 2009
Price:RM15 per person
(limited for 30 Bboys&Bgirls only so register fast)



2008 Thailand, WINNER 1-On-1 King of the floor
Taiwan, Red Bull BC ONE ASIA qualifier
2007 Thailand, WINNER 1-ON-1 Freestyle session Thailand
2007 Thailand, WINNER 1-ON-1 Freestyle session Bangkok
2005 Thailand, BEST BBOY One man standing
2005 JB Malaysia, BEST BBOY Crossover battle
2005 JB Malaysia, BEST FREEZE Crossover battle

:: JUDGE ::

2008 Singapore, K.O. Night final
Vietnam, DAM SEN CUP
Thailand, AC battle
Thailand, Chiangrai Street Battle
Thailand, to be number one battle
Thailand, Infinity One on One battle
Vietnam, HALO3 Battle
Thailand, AC battle


2007 Battle of the year international 5th place (Germany)
2007 Battle of the year asia 3
rd place (Korea)
2007 Battle of the year
Thailand Champion (1st place)
2007 R16 Qualifier crew (
2006 Battle of the year inter national 10th place (Germany)
2005 Battle of the year international 11th place (Germany)
2006 Battle of the year southeast Asia 1st place
2006 Battle of the year Thailand 1st place
2006 Armory cup Thailand 1st place
2006 Freestyle session Thailand 3rd place (crew battle)
2005 Southeast asia,1st place Battle of the year SEA
2005 Thailand,1st place Battle of the year Thailand
2005 Thailand, 1st place B-boy beat battle
2005 Singapore, 1st place Floorskillz
2005 Malaysia JB, 2nd place Crossover battle 2
2005 Malaysia JB, Best b-boy Crossover battle 2
2005 Malaysia JB, Best freeze Crossover battle 2
2005 Thailand, 1st place LPN family day
2005 Thailand, 2nd place LG battle street
2005 Thailand, 2nd place One man standing battle (crew battle)
2004 Malaysia JB, 1st place Crossover battle 1
2004 Thailand, 3rd place Nescafe music challenge

2004 Thailand, Consolation Battle of the years SEA
2004 Thailand, 2nd place B-battle of thailand 3
2003 Thailand, 2nd place 1-2-call B-boy battle
2003 Thailand, 1st place Gatsby funky style
2003 Thailand, 1st place X-genday



Gotta survey my college thing.. im so confused.. whether it mass com or design.. but i like design more.. actually last time i was thinking i wana study design.. but now im thinking design in what??.. so many design.. damn.. gotta find out this.. 2nd i gotta save money to go singapore for Boty asia.. wow.. my 1st trip that not using my parent nor my sisters and brothers money.. hmm.. i gonna work it out.. hahaha.. This trip gotta save save eat save save spend.. lol.. Overseas trip baby.. cant wait it.. but maybe not going la.. not so sure bout it.. Bboy scene is getting real in here.. hope it get well.. so next time Boty will held it at penang.. XD just hoping it.. Yea! Grow This farking scene is hard.. and yea almost forgot.. last few 3 days i mabuk for farking days and it was damn awful.. fark! what i mean mabuk is sick.. even i woke up from bed i fell down.. this sick really scare me.. because recently there were rumors about H1N1.. lol.. BABI!
i think so many thing.. like after im infected im not gonna bboy and ready for die and try to be nice to everyone,my parent stuff like that.. lol.
but im getting better now..

and tomoro is final for the 2on2 battle.. which i team up with jon with the name asian twin..
hahaha.. farking funny crew name.. we not even train for this particular event.. so i dont expect we could win it.. but we'll try our best tho.. this is what always in my mind..
and yea even Thiru that had disappear for so long did join this comp.. and he is joining with filip.. weed masters.. hahahaa..
lastly shoutout to MCDC.. hope that their event sucess man.. improve it.. the Dj was wack men..
but hope u could do it better in next event.. ^^ Pz



This is me & jon before performing at the Gurney for the BreakOut Event

Me and Bboy Katsu at Gurney

This is Me , the breakout old men, Spritez

Drifter Crew Shirt wey.. but not his want.. it his Brother shirts

The BeatBoxer From Breakout.. im short i know,he's really tall..


Katsu Borrow me the pendant.. Zulu nation.. hahah..

got alot more picha.. just wait..