Flip Day Picha.. XD 1 day adventure

Filip and Jon Craving for flips.. so i took them to youth park and heres the pic.. i did teach them how,they both did well but they were pussy.. XD i ask them to try it on the grass.. actually jon were the pussy of the day.. haha.. at last filip did try at grass but turn out to be suicide.. lol

after the practice and blablabla~ jon intro this to me.. wow..! damn nice FruitIce+hot weather+sweating+thirsty=WOW!

lastly u see..! i took them to my hse and take a rest.. Lastly They Knock OUT! KO in the living room.. WTF!

gotta watch.. homies


Timesquare 1st & 2nd day picha


3rd pssdc 1st&2nD Day

the 1st day was hype..

the results was

Fresh Beat Rockers

1st Runner up
Floor Flava

2nd Runner up
D'vol UX crew

i never thought that we can win this thing...
i can say we did our best but still i got some(i mean alot) mistake on that day performance.. Lol.
but we manage to get 1st runner up.. and im satisfy with it.. cool perform cool floor cool spectators cool results everything was dope..
ok now lets talk about 2nd day..
2nd day was bboy 1on1 battle..
2nd day was not so hype.. i mean me myself..
you know why??.. coz i got smoke by Bboy han..
hahah.. but it was dope battle..
alright lets start it over..
when i reach there what i do 1st is i get painkiller and scrub it on my leg and hand and neck.. it was tired day for me.. the 1st day i sleep 4 hours and 2nd i sleep 4 hours.. i didnt get enough slep and then i prepare and warm up.. chit chat abit with kim,han,jon hmm.. alot more
and wait then get numbers and the thing start..
1st match i battle Bboy Sinner
and i smoke him(but it was close battle p.s i almost lost)
and chit chat,drink water,watch the battle after that i heard my name Shor-t vs Han.Im like.. WTF!!
argh.. nvm.. just do my best at last i got smoke..
at the end what i feel was.. wow.. i gotta practice harder!
bla bla bla..
the end the result was:


Bboy Den

1st Runner Up
Bboy Han

2nd Runner up
Bboy One-der

anyways dope event.. wish got event like this every month..
timesquare floor was dope..
i like the floor..

Pic and videos will upload soon......


Funny Video! Must Watch!

Funny funny Nigger... lmao..!!


Navy Blue Long Dickies for sale!

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Kid freaks out 'cause his mom cancelled his WoW account

F.y.i Wow Is World Of Warcraft
This video show it all..

18Xx Picha XD

picha of gonza and me

here's some picture of me with gonza

Jon,gonza,me & Filip
y my face so steam wan??..