Whadup with me??

clearing my Human comm , visual comm assignment.. and I've being thinking about many things.. part of it is MONEY!! $$
i think i need to work.. but do u know i got fucking class Monday until Friday.. its so stress you know.. after class u gotta discuss project.. then you have to go back study(revision),practice Bboy and ETC.. Next week im gonna get a 22" Flat Monitor.. YEAH! my sis gonna sponsor me RM100 so i have to pay for about RM300 more.. STRESS!
Furthermore im going to genting next week also with my college mate.. because i got my mid sem break.. just 1 week.. after that week im gonna finish up my group assignment and pass up the thing so maybe i'll be free after that but i dont think its gonna be long relaxing day.. maybe the lecturer gonna stress us up again.. and lastly im like fucking really want to get my bboy move upgrade.1st thing im gonna practice my halos perfectly and then i'll 100% concentrate on Airtracks.. i swear to god.. MTF! IM GONNA DO IT! wish me luck..


22" dell monitor..
gonna get it soon~
cant wait for it!