Street fighter~

basically atmosphere was very hot which means really good,the Dj are dope hope he gonna drop beat in others event, Bboy are dope , floor are lil bit wack coz slippery , and yea i had fun and i dont really do my best during that event.. i'm having flu which sux..! cant breath well.. Mcb!
and i qualified for the 10vs10 battle..

Stealix - Fresh Beat Rockers
Twist - Fresh Beat Rockers
Blaze - Fresh Beat Rockers
Tz Roc - Fresh Beat Rockers
Den - Fresh Beat Rockers
Pinoyroc - Basic Prosoul Crew
B - Floor Flava
Shor-T - Floor Flava
Lil Max - Parasite
Coolman - who is this? somebody pls inform him thanks

There is no confirmed venue yet at the moment so stay tuned..
Well done Penang Bboys ..

Wales City Rockerz is coming~