The Saturday morning till night

After Dota-ing midnight till morning and this is what we saw.. some random DUDE! sleeping on the front of Haw shyan Myviiiiii(My wee).. Continue next picture.. XD

Are u seeing what im seeing??... his WeeWee Woke up!! XD
we ignore him awhile after that haw shyan woke him and guess what he do.. he continue slept in front of netcity with his weewee woke up.. LOL!!

After that we straight head to MBS for the food fair thingy.. er.. the time was 7am+
lol.. we cant see any food.. haha.. it was too early and after that i came out some random idea which play basketball with some Highschool Kids there and turn out raining and we chaouz la..
went to eat Roti canai at the back of my hse and den plan our next destination.. manatau turn out to be Mbs food fair again.. we went back our own hse to took a bath and prepare everything then go.. the wack thing was.. it 11am+ the weather is freaking hot.. sweat all over.. chil at canteen,learn beatbox from haw shyan,crap there den we went go gurney straight.reach gurney eat at food court den all stimming d.. they came up a idea which is go to Mega Q and chill(sleep) at the sofa.Jon playing his FAT Psp den i play a while then cant tahan d,i oso slep, after few hour went back home took a bath and went for performance at esplanet for the I-Dance Thingy den go eat and went back chill and bath then straight head to kenneth hse.. the purpose is to steal all his psp game.. XD
manatau i watch movie with bryan,kenneth,sabrina except jon and chicky.
jon and chicky straight play psp and suddenly became sillence and i notice that They KNOCKOUT(KO) at the bed there.lol

after the dope movie(butterfly effect i think) kenn fetch bryan and sabrina back,went back to kenn hse he oso sleep then i curi his psp(some! due to memory not enough) game..
and i sleep at 6 in the morning.