Guess wad! im studying in college already!
which is han chiang college..
today was my 2nd day of college,not really having fun because i got 2 fucking assignment, and the last class was human comm which each of everyone in the class have to do a presentations in front which 3 topic which is About myself , why i take mass comm courses and last but not less latest movie that i watch. Alright! shall i start.. i was pick by the 1st person which is ah miao(new fren) i think,so im the 2nd person,i came out with blank mind+Nervous, i never did that before so it wack..! i just bla bla bla out i think about 1 or 2 min then i sat down.supposed to bla 3 min.
who care! yea ! WHO CARES!
and back in 20 of aug i won the bboy of the month which held at Queensbay mall infront of fish spa..
that was nice.. but apparently dont hav any video because no one record it,just got a few photo nee.. i wish i hav the photo.Got Form wey that day.. but tired like hell! almost vomit and blackout.. i think i really have to smoke less already.. everyone was like, " Eh, u ok bo?.. ur lips turn white d" . lol.. because i tiebreaker about 7 or 8 times already..
so at the end the result was announced my heart slowly pump slower.. if not im gonna faint men..

here's some pic of me during that day


Anonymous said...

finally someone is saying don smoke so much


good for u ernsssss