Thing Cant Ends.

Being Drinking some Chivas mixx with mcD Coke Yesterday.. Thought that will be sleep til evening.. But thing was not work as i plan.1st i woke up early bout 9am+ and start to sit in front of my computers in Farking 8 hours.. damn! got nothing to do today.Just check my facebook & play some games(Yoville,Pet society,fren for sell) and FS.. just getting bored of my lifeless life.Some of you may asking Q like,why dont you go get some job and stuff.It not like i dont want to get a job.Just waiting my Big sis to send me some credits&(PERMIT) to go in college and start my study.Shes so duh! need to know this and that.I mean of course she need the Fee info rite?. but i alrd send for her , ya'll might think why i use send.Because she staying HongKong,so i scan & send the thing al for her ,After She Asking me to survey other college.DUH!
skip this topic. XD
Now im goin to NewWorldPark ! It Thursday dude.. as a bboy i should go because it Bboy nite!
gotta go bath now and start pack.. Chouz