Why it has to be now

Too much have happen, to be more straight forward, it's been so long i never felt this kind of feeling that i had in the past 4 years. I thought that once it's past i will not be able to have this feeling again but until recently it came back to me spontaneously, it gave a big impact that almost affect me all the time. as i grew up i thought that i'm able to not worry about love and just get along with it. But she was so special that almost turn me upside down as she just not a ordinary girl. I can feel that she revive my dry/tired/exhausted/dead heart and even stronger than before. But it's not always we had smooth sweet story in out life as she so special that turn up i got a lot competitors around. Even if you cure a cut theres always scar. I'm not that strong as i use to be, i admit that i'm weak.. and why it has to be now? I hope the we have the fate of being together..

Even it's a special day for most of human out there but not for me..

Morning of 10/10/2010

|~Imperfection is there of course~|