Gotta survey my college thing.. im so confused.. whether it mass com or design.. but i like design more.. actually last time i was thinking i wana study design.. but now im thinking design in what??.. so many design.. damn.. gotta find out this.. 2nd i gotta save money to go singapore for Boty asia.. wow.. my 1st trip that not using my parent nor my sisters and brothers money.. hmm.. i gonna work it out.. hahaha.. This trip gotta save save eat save save spend.. lol.. Overseas trip baby.. cant wait it.. but maybe not going la.. not so sure bout it.. Bboy scene is getting real in here.. hope it get well.. so next time Boty will held it at penang.. XD just hoping it.. Yea! Grow This farking scene is hard.. and yea almost forgot.. last few 3 days i mabuk for farking days and it was damn awful.. fark! what i mean mabuk is sick.. even i woke up from bed i fell down.. this sick really scare me.. because recently there were rumors about H1N1.. lol.. BABI!
i think so many thing.. like after im infected im not gonna bboy and ready for die and try to be nice to everyone,my parent stuff like that.. lol.
but im getting better now..

and tomoro is final for the 2on2 battle.. which i team up with jon with the name asian twin..
hahaha.. farking funny crew name.. we not even train for this particular event.. so i dont expect we could win it.. but we'll try our best tho.. this is what always in my mind..
and yea even Thiru that had disappear for so long did join this comp.. and he is joining with filip.. weed masters.. hahahaa..
lastly shoutout to MCDC.. hope that their event sucess man.. improve it.. the Dj was wack men..
but hope u could do it better in next event.. ^^ Pz