Busy Busy Life..

being sleep for 2 hour straight 3 days because chill with Bboy Katsu.. he is so farking dope.. i learn alot from him and also FloorTactics Members.. congratz to Dex that he won the bboy of the month.. got alot of pic with katsu.. but i cant upload it yet coz no cable.. i need to transfer it from my phone to pc then only i can upload it in here.. and also meet Breakout dancer.. they are so funnny man.. hard to communicate wey.. but it a great experience.. I just realize there is nothing in this world we cant get.. just gotta work hard and get it man.. being thinking to go travel and meet alot of bboy.. from now on i will save my money and go to travel and represent penang.. Just gotta work Farking hard men.. life isnt easy yo.. and dont waste your time.. Katsu i'll never forget him.. he is my teacher.. ^^
My Dreams will come through someday.. just depend me.. i gotta work Farking Hard !!
wish me good luck guys.. and deric thx for sharing men.. this is what bboy is about.. yeah.. work hard deric.. Dope shit he got.. damn.. improve alot men!!
i can see penang got hope now.. thx to Fire.! that ultimaxx just woke me up that nothing is imposible..
shoutout to them..
Keep doing what you doing men..
to ABC & those who are having SPM this year.. good luck..!!
work hard for it and it is worth it..
Spm is not easy..
future depends on the farking paper..
im Having a tough life.. so i'll just keep doing what im doing..
Good luck Deric,Floor tactics,floor flava,danzity,ultimaxx..
Dance is our life..!!
Make it happen yo..
Keep represent Penang,malaysia!!
one day we will achieve it.. GODD LUCK EVERYONE!!
dont forget..
be humble and keeping it Fresh!!
thx to those who came and support Katsu jamming and bboy nite..
i hope u guys came down every week men.. because each week mean alot to us..


junxD said...

LoL ur should put it Farking busy Life hahax all describe in farking de hahax